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This web site has been made available in the hope that all who desire a life of quality and meaning and who are willing to meet the cost for such a life will receive what they long for. The contents focus on the critical and vital needs and the desires and struggles of the heart, and how we can realize our highest aspirations and deepest longings, in the context of a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

At present, this web site comprises the book "A Journey in Life", messages on how we can find and develop our moral and spiritual life, articles addressing specific important issues that we encounter in daily situations of life, and songs which may be more readily remembered, assimilated and applied, as well as enjoyed.

To further assist you in identifying what may be more suitable for your context, content is also grouped and color-coded into various parts, - part 1, part 2 and part 3 - each part having a different emphasis. Click on parts and references to understand how they are used on this site.

You may use the sitemap to have an overview of all content.

Travelling together in this journey,
Lim Liong.

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