Frequently asked questions

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The sitemap page provides a comprehensive listing of various content available on this website.
You may use the "select topic" drop down menu on the top right of the sitemap page to list content regarding specific topics. (By default, this option is set to "All topics")

To better understand how content is classified, you may read parts and references.

The sitemap is the primary method of navigating the website, while recent additions are displayed on the homepage.

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Audio Content

how to use flash audio player
Flash player (screenshot shown above) is the default player used for audio content on this website.

If your browser does not yet support flash, you may obtain the flash plugin from Adobe. Alternatively, you may simply download the audio files; or if your system supports, you may click on the respective links to stream using Windows Media Player or Real Player.

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PDF files

Most articles and messages also offer the option of downloading as a pdf file, which will be linked at the top right of respective pages. Right click on such links and select "save as.." in order to download the files.
A sample would look like Download lyrics

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Can I leave feedback?

Yes. You may leave feedback and comments at our feedback page. It is helpful if you could also indicate your name, country and e-mail address.